Reservation, hire and payment

Once you have made a reservation we will send you a hire contract by post; you are to sign and return a copy to us.

In addition, upon signing you must pay 50% of the total hire price by deposit on our bank account number with the ING Bank IBAN : NL96INGB0004522275 BIC INGBNL2A.

Your reservation will then be definite. The remaining 50% must be paid three weeks before the voyage.

What's on board of the yacht?

You can book a VIP-package***** with your motorjacht (if your yacht isn't already a VIP-Yacht). This VIP-package concerns; made beds, bathlinen (1 large bathtowel and two medium bathtowels) , kitchenlinen end endcleaning in- and -exterior.

Hire price and security deposit of the yacht

The hire price is inclusive of 21% VAT and "all risk" insurance. Additional costs are: diesel oil, cancellation insurance, bridge and port dues. Cancellation insurance is highly recommended; it costs 5,5% of the hire. A form will be sent in case you are interested.

Before departure, a deposit is required by the tenant. This depends on what ship wyou book and ranges from €500,- to €1.000,-. This is equal to the excess of the insurance. This deposit is upon departure in cash to be paid. When the ship returns without damage, in original condition and returned in time, then the tenant receives the deposit.

Departure times of your luxury boating holiday

You can embark on Saturday morning at 9.00. And your ship must be back delivered on Friday before 16.00. Please ensure that you're back in time, so that we will be able to prepare the yacht for our next guests.

Weekend or midweek bookings

A weekend or midweek slot can be reserved shortly before the start of the voyage in consultation between the parties.

A weekend slot runs from Friday evening 19.00 hours and ends Monday morning at 10.00 hours and costs 65% of the week price.

A midweek slot runs from Monday afternoon 14.00 hours up to and including Friday afternoon 16.00 hours and costs 60% of the week price.

Indoor parking and car wash

We offer the possibility to park your car in a secure hall. We can also wash your car. Within a week, parking costs € 50.-. Car wash € 20.-.

Pets on board of your yacht

After consultation with us, we can decide if it is possible to take a small pet on one yacht.