Reservation, hire and payment

If you have made a reservation, we will send you a booking confirmation by e-mail. You can click this online for approval. You then agree to the booking and general Hiswa conditions.

You must also have paid a deposit to our bank account number at ING bank IBAN NL 96 INGB 0004522275 or Rabobank IBAN NL 74 RABO 0130477982 within 2 weeks of signing. You can also simply make your payment via the payment link you will find in your booking confirmation.

Once your deposit has been received and you have agreed to the booking, your reservation is final. The remaining amount is due three weeks before departure.

What's on board of the yacht?

Pillows are provided as standard on our motor yachts. You can bring your own bed linen; a duvet or sleeping bag, a 2-person under sheet and a pillowcase per person.

On the Variotop yachts : the Pia Maria, the Tartufi, the Blue Sky and the La Wika, the VIP package is included as well as Wifi and a parking space in the garage. 

Final cleaning of interior and exterior is a mandatory option for all yachts.

You can also order a VIP package: made beds + a bath linen package per person consisting of 1 bath towel and 2 bath towels, a kitchen linen package.  

There is also a complete kitchen inventory on board, including a Nespresse coffee machine. You will receive the inventory list with your rental confirmation.

Television :

Television is available on almost all our yachts via Apple-TV which we receive via internet.

This system allows you to watch live TV and choose from various apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Hire price and security deposit of the yacht

The rental price and deposit
The rental price includes 21% VAT and "all risk" insurance.

Additional costs are : diesel oil, bridge and harbour dues.

Cancellation insurance is highly recommended. The cost is 6% of the rental amount. A link to Pantaenius Insurance can be found here:

Before departure, the hirer pays a deposit. This depends on which yacht you book and ranges from Euro 1,000.00 to Euro 2,500.00. This corresponds to the insurance excess. The deposit must be paid before departure by credit card or in cash. If the vessel is returned undamaged, in its original condition and within the stipulated period, the lessee will receive a full refund of the deposit.



Departure times of your luxury boating holiday

Sanzi Yacht Charter has 3 departure days :

Friday is the day of departure for: :

Henni, Perrier, Hydra, Walburga, Lillesol, Lene, Arcus, Soley, Arcus

Start : Friday 15.00 uur  End : Friday 10.00 uur. 

Monday is the day of departure for :

Sylvana, Mia Ly, Why Not, Anna Carina, Dolores, Mrs Jones, Great Glen, La Wika

Start : Monday 3:00 pm  End : Monday 10:00 am

Saturday is the day of departure for: :

Pia Maria, Blue Sky, Tartufi

Start : Saturday 3:00 pm  End : Saturday 10:00 am 

Weekends start on Friday at 2 pm and end on Monday at 10 am..

Short-weeks start on Monday at 3:00 pm and end on Friday at 10 am..

Please make sure you are back in time, so we can prepare the yachts for the next guests.


Weekend or midweek bookings

A weekend or midweek slot can be reserved shortly before the start of the voyage in consultation between the parties.

A weekend slot runs from Friday 14.00 hours and ends Monday morning at 10.00 hours and costs 65% of the week price.

A midweek slot runs from Monday afternoon 15.00 hours up to and including Friday 10.00 hours and costs 65% of the week price.

Indoor parking and car wash

We offer the possibility to park your car in a secure hall. We can also wash your car. Within a week, parking costs € 80.-. Car wash interior Euro 75,00 and exterior Euro 75,00.

Pets on board of your yacht

After consultation with us, we can decide if it is possible to take a small pet on one yacht.