The day of departure; what can you expect

Information and tips

  1. On the day of departure, you should preferably arrive at Sanzi Yacht Charter one hour before departure.
  2. At the reception (see sign above entrance door) you can report with 1 person.
  3. There you can pay the deposit with a credit card.
  4. And you will receive a folder with two checklists.
  5. If desired, you can have a drink on the terrace
  6. And if your boat is already ready, you can put your luggage on board. A luggage cart is available.
  7. On board you can watch the explanation video of your boat.
  8. If there are any questions after watching the video, there is ample opportunity to discuss them.
  9. The engine hours must be noted on the checklist.
  10. You can also note any damage or missing items on the checklist.
  11. You can keep 1 copy of the checklist and 1 copy must be signed and handed in to the landlord. After that you are free to leave.
  12. Supermarkets are nearby and accessible by car (AH Middelzeelaan 3 or LIDL Oude Oppenhuizerweg 8)
  13. It is also possible to spend the first night in our harbor and have a bite to eat in the pleasant center of Sneek. We are happy to make a reservation for you or arrange a taxi.
  14. Sanitary facilities are available in the port.
  15. In the evening the gate of the parking lot closes. You can have your telephone number linked, so that you can always come to and from the site.

Would you like to view a motorboat or motor yacht before renting?

You are welcome! This is possible by appointment. The fleet is usually on the move. Then we can inform you about which boat is at our yacht club and when. See you in Sneek!