Around Overijssel

This route takes you through the beautiful nature of Friesland and Overijssel, offering a variety of landscapes that both provinces have to offer. As you cruise, you can enjoy breathtaking nature reserves, lakes and ditches, and discover picturesque villages.

From our harbor, we sail via the Houkesloot onto the Sneekermeer. The Sneekermeer is one of the most popular and beautiful lakes in Friesland. The lake is not only popular among water sports enthusiasts but also among nature lovers and recreationalists. The Sneekermeer offers a wide range of activities, including sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, canoeing, rowing, and fishing. In addition, there are several marinas and sailing schools where you can go for lessons, rental, and boat maintenance. The landscape around the Sneekermeer is particularly beautiful. You will find beautiful views over the water, as well as idyllic villages with old farms, mills, and picturesque streets.

Moreover, the Sneekermeer is surrounded by green meadows and forests where you can enjoy walking, cycling, or horse riding. The lake also has significant historical significance for Friesland. The first sailing
race in the Netherlands was organized here in 1816, which marked the start of the well-known Sneekweek. This annual sailing race still attracts thousands of visitors from home and abroad.

We cross the Sneekermeer and sail towards Akkrum. One of the most striking features of Akkrum is its historic center, which has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. You can take a walk through the narrow streets and enjoy the beautiful architecture, including old warehouses, mills, and charming houses with thatched roofs.

From Akkrum, you continue sailing over Het Deel and the Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal towards Heerenveen. This city has several berths and harbors, making it easily accessible. In the center, you will find a cozy shopping street, and there are also excellent restaurants to be found. In addition to the many
 dining options, there are plenty of other activities to do, such as visiting the cinema, museums, and nightlife.

After Heerenveen, the Route continues over the Engelenvaart towards Delfstrahuizen. The Engelenvaart is a relatively shallow waterway in Friesland. It is, therefore, important to sail cautiously and keep an eye on the water depth, especially at low water. It is also advisable to study the navigation chart carefully before entering this waterway.

During your cruise through the beautiful Frisian landscape, you will arrive at the Driewegsluis, where you can spend the night in various beautiful spots in nature or in the marina. The route continues to Steenwijk, where you can also enjoy a beautiful cruise. Steenwijk has a lot to offer, such as great shops, bowling alleys, cinemas, and swimming pools. In addition, Steenwijk has the Rabo Theater De Meenthe, which offers a wide range of cultural events and performances, from cabaret and dance to musicals and theater. The theater also has its own restaurant where you can enjoy a dinner before the show.

The route continues to the picturesque Giethoorn, a well-known village at the head of Overijssel. The village is also known as the "Dutch Venice" because of the many waterways, bridges, and punts. Transport in the village is mainly done by punt, an open flat-bottomed boat that is pushed with a pole. Giethoorn offers good restaurants, various shops, museums, and galleries, and there are several marinas in the area where you can spend the night.

The route leads back through the beautiful Weerribben National Park via the Kalenbergergrachten towards Ossenzijl. Keep in mind that the Weerribben are very shallow and therefore speed should be limited. Ossenzijl is located on the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park and is lively during the summer months. All boat traffic passes the Ossenzijler Bridge here to and from the Frisian lakes. The Buitencentrum is a perfect starting point for excursions or walks through the beautiful nature of the National Park. After Ossenzijl, the route continues to Echtenerbrug.

While enjoying the beautiful nature, you will reach a junction between the Jonkersa or Heloma canal and the Pier Christiaansloot, where there are various accommodations nearby to stay overnight. You have the choice to continue to Echtenerbrug and Delfstrahuizen and spend the night in one of these cozy villages, or you can choose to sail further over the Tjeukemeer, via Echtenerbrug and Delfstrahuizen, to Marchjepôlle, one of the beautiful islands in the middle of the lake, where you can wake up with a magnificent view.

Langweer is a lively watersports village with a well-maintained marina, a beach, and a playground for children. There are several cozy restaurants and cafes nearby, where live music is occasionally heard. This makes Langweer a bustling place where you certainly won't get bored. From Langweer, the route continues over the Langweerderwielen, past atmospheric Marrekrite locations on the Alde Wei, and towards the Sneekermeer.

Along the way, you can also choose to visit Joure. Joure is a cozy village with various shops and eateries. The harbor provides shelter and is located next to a park that is ideal for walks. The center of Joure can be found about 500 meters away and offers a range of activities, including an indoor play forest, a swimming pool, a puzzle museum, and a bowling and mini-golf course. From Joure, you then sail through the Goingarijpster Poulen and the Sneekermeer.

You can spend the last night on one of the beautiful moorings on the Sneekermeer. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view for a little while longer.