With the Woudaaproute, the whole family can enjoy the Frisian lake area while sailing past Joure, Langweer, Woudsend, Heeg, Workum, Bolsward, and IJlst. This route is perfect for families with children, as children are welcome everywhere. The name for this route is after a small and shy bird wich houses in grass near the waterside.

From the harbor, you sail via the Houkesloot over the Terhernster Poelen to Joure, where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere, various shops, and restaurants. In the harbor of Joure, you can lie comfortably sheltered and take a walk in a nearby park. The center is about 500 meters away, and there are plenty of activities to do, such as an indoor play forest, a swimming pool, a puzzle museum, and a bowling and mini-golf course.

From Joure, you continue sailing via the Alde Wei under the highway to the beautiful Langweerderwielen, where you can already see the cozy Langweer. Langweer is a beautiful watersports village with a beach and playground for children next to the marina. There are also nice restaurants and cafes with occasional live music. Here you can have a great time.

On our way to Woudsend, we sail via the Johan Friso canal. The Jeltesleat aqueduct has replaced the busiest bridge in Friesland, making sailing much quieter. Enjoy the beautiful view while sailing over the aqueduct.

In Woudsend, you can not only find nice harbors and restaurants but also a beach and even a tennis and table tennis court in the marina. It is also worth seeing the mills in Woudsend, which are open on Saturdays throughout the year. From Woudsend, you sail via the Waldseinster Rakken a short distance over the Heegermeer to Heeg. The Heegermeer has several islands, including the beautiful Konijneneiland, which is worth a visit and guarantees adventure for children.

Heeg is about ten kilometers south of Sneek, on the Heegermeer. Although eel fishing was previously an important means of livelihood, the village is now mainly known for watersports. The village itself is dotted with monumental buildings, churches, and old historic homes. Every year in July, the Heechsimmerfestival takes place, with various bands performing on a floating stage on the beach of the Heegermeer. From Heeg, there is also the possibility to cut the route via the Wide Wimerts towards IJlst.

On the way back via the Heegermeer, you sail over the beautiful Gaastmeer and arrive at the well-known village of Workum. Workum is a popular destination among watersports enthusiasts, with various beaches for kite and windsurfers and sailors. As one of the oldest towns in the province, Workum has a lot to offer: you can admire beautiful paintings by Jopie Huisman, there is a museum about the history of Workum, and you can enjoy a lovely walk through the old center and the surrounding nature.

We set course for Bolsward. Bolsward has two marinas, both equipped with all facilities. Bolsward has a beautiful city center with some nice restaurants and cafes and has a cozy center to walk through. It is also nice to visit the weekly market on Thursday morning.

The route continues over the Wimerts to IJlst.
IJlst is located on the busy route between Sneek and Heeg and is known for its stately houses and front gardens. The most beautiful part of IJlst is located on the Eegracht and Galamagracht. Beautiful facades and stately houses from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries are situated along this elongated canal. IJlst exudes a beautiful, authentic atmosphere mainly due to its many historic buildings. Most of them are open to the public and definitely worth a visit. Additionally, there are activities like pole vaulting and IJlst boasts a wonderful bakery. Be sure to visit the Rat sawmill, built in 1632 and still in operation. Here you can see how wooden beams and planks are sawn using wind energy.

In Sneek, you can enjoy yourself whether the weather is good or bad. For a rainy day, there is a bowling alley, ball pit (Ballorig), and various museums such as the Model Railway Museum and the Frisian Maritime Museum. For outdoor activities, Sneek has a petting zoo and several parks with playgrounds. If you have more time, we can recommend the Starteiland, where there is a beautiful marina, a cozy playground, and plenty to see and do.