Corona - virus


We understand that you are concerned about what is happening in the world with the Corona virus now.

We are also concerned, but also realize that a stay on board offers a safe situation.
The Netherlands, and therefore also our company and our environment, have not been "locked" by the national government. As a guest you can therefore simply have your boating holiday.

Friesland is not densely populated and especially if you stay on board you run virtually no risk of becoming infected with the virus.

As a company, we became from the Hiswa; our industry association safety- and hygiene protocols, which we strictly adhere to in the company and on the boats.

If there are guests who are having trouble visiting a supermarket, we are happy to offer our grocery service, so that your purchases are already on board upon arrival.

We create the safest possible environment for our guests and hope to contribute to a pleasant relaxing sailing holiday in the Friesland.

And wish everyone a lot of strength with the situatiom of the Corona virus and hope that we may soon greet you in Sneek!